Confectionery: global market challenge

The confectionery industry has evolved a lot in recent years. The global market, the quality and ever more the personalized needs of consumer demands, are important challenges.

We have accepted and overcome these challenges by using our skills: innovation and flexibility; helping our customers to develop new applications and new projects from scratch.

We can provide advices and ongoing collaboration during the process phases.

Qores offers:


Chocolately, chewy and sweety treats of joy

Candies, confetti, dragées and chocolate dragées, are the applications that we offer to the confectionery industries, while keeping in mind the satisfaction of the end customer. Years of experience that drive innovation forward, are the basis of the projects that concern these products.

We provide market leader solutions both in terms of performance and cost effectiveness, offering wider understanding of the production processes and experience in the sectors of glazes, coating agents and anti-adhesives. Visit the contact section to organize a meeting or a call.

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