Qores is leader

Food Industry in Italy


Qores is the right partner for the company involved in the Food market,
Our consultancy service meet all the difference issues
caused by constant evolution markets
Knowledge and our know how built during years,
supported by an application laboratory are the right answer to yours inquires.
Ability to improve, with tailor-made solution and specific
ingredients the final product following the current restricted regulation.

Part of our activity is taking act into market that introduce to inspiration and innovation. From Pharma Synthesis to the healthy food supplements concept.
Very specific and technical markets, requiring a well-structured and precise workflow management to meet the demands of our customers at the right time and with due guarantees, this is our daily goal. Thanks to his experience, Qores is able to follow the evolution of these markets, both in the commercial and in the regulatory field.
The high quality standards achieved, allow Qores to be the ideal partner for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies.
Innovation and research, which are the key points of these sectors, simple find the key place in the services offered by Qores.
Lifescience also includes the Feed market giving importance to a cycle of life.

A reliable and innovative partner
for your company? Qores!

Food industry in Italy: it is a driving force for the whole economy.
To act in these markets experience, know-how and innovation are required.