Savoury market is characterised by strong growth in volumes and huge amount of novel food.
The wide demand of savoury market is the engine of this sector;
such specificity is the result of consumers habits,
taste research and technological development.

Our savoury division addresses the filled pasta sectors,
snacks of sauces and sauces, ready meals and meat products.

Qores offers:



Custom functional solutions

New solutions and services targeted to our customers

We have adopted a consultancy approach to meet clients need
in terms of solutions, process and products development.
Our application lab allow to our customers to study and
develop new recipes and new ingredients solutions.

We can also rely on two dedicate production lines
designed to offer flexibility and functional tailor made blends.
All this is enclosed in a company view which seek to make Qores a benchmark for the savoury sector
We are not only a distributor,
Qores is an active partner for all customers

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